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  • Department overview​

In order to meet the needs for mechatronics related talents of industry, National Taiwan Normal University established Graduate Institute of Mechatronic Technology in 2002 and offered Master programs. In 2004, undergraduate programs were offered and all department resources were integrated to establish Department of Mechatronic Science. Later in 2012, Doctoral Programs were offered. And the Department changed its name to Department of Mechatronic Engineering during the year of 2014. The direction and goal of the Department is drawn up to cope with the national policies, industrial needs and skill developing trends. The two core fields of the Department are Precision Machinery and Opto-Mechatronics. Through related lectures, students can develop professional and cross-fields knowledge. As a result, students will reinforce their abilities to orient the needs of the changing workplace.

  • Introduction

The Department of undergraduate courses are divided into two specialized areas of “precision machinery”, “optical and electrical integration”. The recruitment from ordinary high school and Technical high school students is each half. Students can choose a specific field of interest in their own learning, also cross-domain learning; for the focus of the curriculum, Master’s courses are committed to” precision machinery design and manufacture “,” optical electromechanical Integration System “in the field of theoretical and applied research, and set up a number of professional laboratories to meet the needs of teaching and Research. Doctoral classes are not divergent in order to develop senior electromechanical engineers as its goal.

Educational goal

Bachelor’s courses

  1. Cultivate electrical and mechanical talents with theoretical and practical ability.
  2. Cultivate electrical and mechanical talents who are in line with industry needs or education Majors.
  3. Cultivate electrical and mechanical talents with humanistic accomplishment, professional ethics and lifelong learning ability.

Master’s / Doctor’s courses

  1. Cultivate professional engineers or research and development personnel with the practical ability of electrical and mechanical engineering Integration.
  2. Cultivate professional engineers or research and development personnel for research and innovation and industrial applications related to mechatronics.
  3. Cultivate professional engineers or research and development personnel with humanistic qualities, professional ethics and lifelong learning ability.

Feature Curriculum

Micro/ Nano electromechanical systems, Intelligent Automation systems, Precision Sensing technology, optical electromechanical integration System.
Some of the courses in this department employ collaboratively to help students understand the current situation and future development of the Industry.
Department of Mechatronic engineering is mainly focusing on Teacher training. If students are interested in the teaching profession, you can obtain the curriculum qualification of education in the freshman sophomore. When students join a teacher training program, students can obtain the qualifications of teachers after graduation. In addition, postgraduate students may have the opportunity to practice education courses in order to obtain teacher qualifications.


Further study
In terms of further education, graduates may choose to pursue further studies in the internal or Master’s and doctoral courses domestically and internationally.
In the aspect of employment, the electromechanical light integration is the modern engineering technology mainstream trend, which is very popular and widespread in the career consideration. The employment direction is as follows:
1. Precision machinery, Automated production, electronics industry, Photoelectric and display industry, information and hardware and software industry as an engineer or professional technology Personnel.
2. The electromechanical integration talents in the 3C industry.
3. Technology-intensive Mechanical and Electrical integration engineer in High-tech Industry.
4. Senior engineer and research and development personnel in the field of electrical engineering.

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Address: Department of Mechatronic Engineering, National Taiwan Normal University, 162, Section 1, Heping E. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan


2nd floor of the Mechanical Engineering Building, Library Campus, National Taiwan Normal University, No. 129, Section 1 ,He-ping East Road, , Taipei Taiwan 10610

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